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'Yoga is a light
which, once lit,
can never be

B.K.S. Iyengar


A bit about me...

I love yoga. It has been my passion since, more than a decade ago, I first found myself on a yoga mat not really sure what I was doing there: I was overwhelmed by my job as a secondary school English Language and Literature teacher, my neck ached, I had a permanent headache and had just been diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I was definitely looking for something to relieve the stress in my mind and body ... but I was dubious about finding that something on a rubber mat in a room full of people who looked so much fitter and more confident than me.

But the reality defied my expectations. As I gasped and wobbled through that first set of postures, I experienced a profound sense of homecoming. There was laughter as well as deep concentration and, the more I stretched my body, the more sense of spaciousness and peace I found within my mind. I was utterly hooked!

In 2008 I became a student on the CamYoga Teacher Training Diploma course and had the incredible experience of being taught by some of England's most gifted yoga practitioners: Claire Missingham, Hayley Winter, Abby Hoffman and Cynthia Lee Richardson. It was one of the most challenging and inspiring things I've ever undertaken.

Yoga hasn't made me immune to life's ups and downs but, with time and practise, it has brought me greatly improved physical health, strength and flexibility and, mentally, most importantly, it has brought some much needed calm, balance ( some! ) and an ever deepening feeling of self- acceptance ... warts and all! I believe that it is compassion that lies at the heart of my yoga practice and as a teacher myself, I very much want to share its gifts with others. I hope to see you on the mat.

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