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'Yoga is a light
which, once lit,
can never be

B.K.S. Iyengar


1-2-1 Yoga Sessions

There are many reasons why one to one yoga can be so valuable. A private yoga session is tailored to address your specific physical, mental and emotional needs; your goals and personal situation.

Absolute Beginners: Starting your yoga practice in a large group can be daunting. There can be a lot to remember and the feeling of 'Am I doing this right?' Especially if you have never done yoga before or are returning to exercise after some time.

A 3-session Beginners Intensive (See Prices and Booking for current offers) will introduce you to the fundamentals of yoga and breath-work and allow you to sample most things you are likely to meet on the mat! It's a fun thing to do with a friend too.

CHANGE... Yoga for getting over things... Movement for moving on... there are a million different things that life can throw at us that can be very difficult to move through: loss of anything that has defined us, bereavement, illness, consequences of addictive behaviours, menopause... things that can fundamentally alter the way we view ourselves and how we perceive others as viewing us. This can be a bewildering process to go through and 'finding oneself' again in the wake of change can be a lengthy process. Again, there is no substitute for seeking appropriate clinical help when that is necessary but a Yoga and Meditation practice can be an anchor, a gentle but powerful tool on the journey forwards, helping us to find emotional as well as physical balance and an authentic sense of who we are - that feeling of simply being comfortable in our own skin, regardless of others. Yoga is, above all, not something you have done to you, but something you do with your self and for your self.

Anxiety and Depression, Trauma and Stress: I have personal experience of these conditions and am sensitive to how debilitating they can be, no matter how 'high-functioning' you are or how much awareness and insight you possess.

It has been scientifically proven that the soft tissues of the body can store memory and that habitually unhelpful thoughts wear neurological pathways in the brain. There is no substitute for working with a clinically trained counsellor or psychotherapist, but developing a yoga practice in a safe environment, learning to meditate and relax through mindfulness, breathing techniques and visualisation can be powerful tools to help you find greater ease, calm and comfort in your life.

Physical Issues: Perhaps you have physical limitations or are recovering from an illness or injury and need a practice designed especially for you.

Others: Whatever your needs, get in touch on 01223-504001 or contact me through this website to discuss how I might be able to help. Please be assured that if I do not feel I am the right person to work with you, I will do my best to recommend other options.


There is no doubt that regular meditation can be profoundly transformative over time. However, just sitting still with ourselves can be the hardest thing in the world for some of us - the thing we always mean to do but don't get round to.

Here are some myths about Meditation:

  1. Myth: You tried it once but you weren't able to quiet your mind. Everyone thinks too much and the mind is constantly moving from one thought to another, sometimes idly sometimes frenetically. That's what it does. A crowded head, busy minded meditation session is not wrong or bad and is still highly beneficial, even if it doesn't feel so at the time The benefits that come from meditation are cumulative and appear in our daily lives as we are less reactive, calmer and more able to handle stress.
  2. Myth: You can't meditate because you can't sit still. For those who struggle with sitting still during meditation, be assured that's it's ok to quietly stretch your legs, scratch your nose. You thought that you can move if you want to often relieves the feeling of needing to move. Getting seated really comfortably helps too. Or try walking meditation.
  3. Myth: You can't meditate because you don't have time. Start small. 5 or 10 minutes a day is enough. As you feel the benefits of your 'quiet time' you will want more and it will rise up your list of priorities.
  4. Myth: You can't meditate because you don't know if you're doing it right. The only wrong or bad meditation is the one you don't do at all. Meditation is not difficult and is easy to learn. There are so many different techniques. When you notice that your mind has drifted off, you simply come back to whatever your meditation is focused on, without judging yourself.
  5. Myth: You're not supposed to have any thoughts while you meditate. Given the nature of the lively mind, it would be silly to think that thoughts don't happen. They are constantly arising! But they pass away as well and, gradually, we learn to let them pass without being provoked by them or attaching to their content.

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